Thursday, October 15, 2009

Six Reasons to Look at YouTube EDU

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There are many places on the internet to find educational video. It is becoming easier than ever to find tutorials and supplementary materials online for your courses. YouTube can be a great place but you have to sort through a lot of band videos, weddings, old TV shows, and vacation memories before you find that one video that will once and for all help you understand osmosis. YouTube EDU sorts them all our for you by college and subject. There a six main reasons you might be interested in YouTube EDU:
  1. Find answers and reinforce what you are learning
  2. Get new points of view on old topics
  3. Learn how professors teach at other universities and colleges
  4. Discover new interests
  5. Understand that learning is something that you will do throughout your life
  6. Allows you to get a taste of a college you might be interested in
Additionally, some of the films include things like animations and demonstrations of ideas. "Getting it" for you may involve more than just hearing a lecture or reading about it in the book.

If you have other sources of video or places on the net that help you learn - please leave a link in your comments here.
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